Hello world!

I became Vegan New Years 2011. I was vegetarian a year before that. I watched Food Inc. and was done with eating animals. I’ve been told that wasn’t the point of the movie, but that’s all it took. Watching Earthlings reaffirmed it.

I have been cooking and baking a lot more since becoming Vegan, and now search the internet for new recipes. From blogs, to Pinterest, to new recipes on Twitter, I’ve used them all.

I am a mom of 4 children which means I love a bargain. There are a lot of great sites for helping shoppers save a buck or two or twenty!

Customer Service… well isn’t that a great thing out there. I think this is what will be on this blog… There are those Great places that treat their customers with respect and those are the places I will definitely go back to. Then there is those stores that are not so great. I will not go near those stores and its hard for me, to return to them….


That’s it for now